1600 sqft 2 story Home, Connecticut

1600 sqft 2 story Home, Connecticut (PDF)
1600 sqft 2 story Home, Connecticut (JPEG)

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    Angled walls
    Doors that open or nearly open into other objects.
    Rooms that are just too small
    Rooms/halls that waste space

    I guess it just boils down to someone trying to be “trendy” and failing to get the basics done well.

  • ersie

    1. The entry areas with (i) the poor closet, (ii) the exhuberance of stairs, and (iii) the weird toilet (is there a sink in there or not?).

    2. The poor use of space in general, such as the “loft”, the gallery over the living room, the lame closet in bedroom 2.

    3. The rotated kitchen island and general planning of the kitchen.

  • Doug Roberts

    The biggest thing wrong with this house is that someone was actually paid to design it.

  • Grace

    OMG! So hard to choose just three. As always, I hate living behind a garage. Second, the tilted kitchen island, and third is that stunningly ridiculous “Juliet” balcony overlooking the uselessly elevated living room ceiling, which makes no proportional sense whatsoever [and I am not categorically opposed to cathedral ceilings as I think many others may be].

  • James Scott


    45 degree angels
    poorly laid out bathrooms
    due to being side by side with other units terrible sunlight, especially the 3 bathrooms.
    Those stairs

  • Tim Jones


    Is it worse that someone designed it, or that someone actually built it?

    I think the worst part of it is all the wasted space around the “creative” angles. A well designed 1200 sq ft house could live better and bigger than this one. How many resources have we squandered by building homes that would be miserable to live in? 1600 sq feet for a house that can barely fit a dining room table, has about 8 linear feet of usable closet space and not one window on either side of the house? Where is my bulldozer?

  • Mark D

    It is hard to choose just 3, so I’ll just stick to one:

    The thinking that makes it a good idea to have a Juliet Balcony from the *Master Bedroom* overlooking the living room but not a good idea to have a third bedroom in a 1600 square foot house.

  • Doug Roberts

    Tim — Good point — shame on both the designer AND the builder.

    Mark — Maybe the thinking was that, given the many soul-crushing aspects of the house, it was much more likely for the homeowners to need a balcony to throw themselves off in despair than another bedroom to accommodate a growing family.

  • Louis Pereira


    If i can paraphrase, ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk’, we could also say ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy This House’…, unless they’re drunk of course.

    What a disaster! This is the ‘pimp my ride’ – cookie-cutter house style. I don’t know where to start or end. How did we all miss that flaw of the main entry door swing?…Anyway, that’s the least of its worries. i guess no one saw it for all its other shortcomings.

    Natural Selection couldn’t come any faster for this house to die a timely and deserved death…

    Sorry…not having such a great day.

  • Cat

    Wow, I have to agree with the bulldozer. What’s right with this house? The best thing I can think to say is that it doesn’t have a 3 or 4 car garage.

  • Frances Grant-Feriancek

    Not light, not open. Angles, angles everywhere The stairs, the fireplace, the island, even the tiolet. As for light, a large garage on the front blocking the west light, and no windows on the south.

  • Tina

    This is simply astounding.

    The worst thing about this house is the utter disregard for people embodied by this plan (and I use the word ‘plan’ loosely).

    My husband says the worst thing is the missing bathroom door.

  • James Scott

    Hey Team, isn’t it tough when you have to make excuses to live in a pit of a house such as this.

    Louis, I did notice a few of the problem doors. A good one is the lack of doors into the master bath and closet. Jokes on us I suppose.

    But I really like the Laurel and Hardy door. As you come up the stairs from the rear entry the guy coming up the stairs from the basement gives you one POW, right in the kisser.

    Now I just noticed one more thing. The loft is shorter than the garage. All of that money to build that space and they shorten it by about 6 to 8 feet. I can visualize the front facade with the short knee wall of a slope over the garage door. More materials, a lot of work and you get less floor space for your money.

    Are the designers here idiots or are they malicious?

  • Sean

    The good thing about this place is that I don’t live in it. What a mess.
    Of the many odd features: why did the designer (was there one?) put the toilet at an angle in the downstairs powder room?

  • MichaelG

    How can you just choose three? Its like the developer had a competition who could put the most angles in house… leaving a space thats almost unusable.
    The master bath and robe, i imagine, have sliding doors, but what a bad use of that space! And a juliet balcony above the dinning room? Why?
    I’m sure this is a joke by the developer. The Laurel and Hardy front door confirms it.
    John, please make sense of this!

  • Tony

    Oh my! I think this is one of the all time worst!

    For me, the worst things are:
    1. the over the top stairs that twists through the house and seems to lead to nowhere
    2. the powder room – no sink!
    3. the angled kitchen island wastes all the space in the family room and the eating area!

    This is terrible!

  • Paul C

    Mom always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. So…

  • John Brown

    Good for you. I wish I had the same discipline…

    Sorry for the delay in responding but it is nice to see the group dispatch this house as quickly and humanely as possible without my help.

    I firmly agree with the many comments of disbelief. The question of who, exactly, would think this was a good idea – designer, builder, or buyer – is a good one.

    For my money, I think that the internal “balcony” in the master bedroom is the worst because of the pretentiousness. The second has to be all of the silly stairs and the third any one of the small annoying details that will make the life of whoever lives in this house more difficult than it has to be – from kitchen islands to guest bathrooms to a lack of sunlight and closets.

    I think the general conclusion is right – this has to be one of the worst houses yet on the site.