Completed Concept Design – Gould Residence, Illinois

This is the completed concept design, including furniture, for this week’s Design Project.

Completed Concept Design – Gould Residence, Illinois (PDF)

  • Ann

    Very much enjoying your Design School and wondering how I can email you my drawings ?



  • John Brown

    Hi Ann,
    Glad you like the exercises. You can email your drawings to me at I look forward to seeing what you have done.

  • Louis Pereira

    A great plan John.

    An interesting item to note is the former floor area, or alcove, at the north/east corner of Dining room. It wasn’t specifically mentioned during the exercises, but the floor has obviously been removed entirely so that the stair well is now completely open to below. Now with that full length display, it works very well. With our own house, we kept that floor space and tucked a display cabinet into that corner.

    Studying the plan a bit closer, i just realised that you’ve removed the back entry door in favour of just the one access off the kitchen. i suppose this is possible with a new deck as drawn, but you also have the option to keep it if you maintain the existing deck configuration.

    I hope you’ll be able to show us before/after images of this project if it proceeds…

    Bring on the Monday-cookie-cutters!

  • John Brown

    Good eye. As to the removal of the floor in the corner, above the bottom on the stair, I typically recommend this because it helps reduce the claustrophobic feeling when descending into one of these post war basements. There is usually just minimum headroom at that point as well. Perhaps people are taller now than they were 50 years ago but I always hit my head. I think that this makes the stair feel more intentional. However, it is also a good idea to use that space as storage on the main floor as you have done.

    As for the old backdoor, I usually suggest removing it in order to reduce the potential conflict in these very small landings.