Part 1 – 2200 sqft Bungalow, Florida

2200 sqft Bungalow, Florida (PDF)
2200 sqft Bungalow, Florida (JPEG)

  • Paul C


    Hope you don’t mind but, I took the liberty of making some property line assumptions and viewing the plan rotated as I think it helps when analyzing the plan. Many issues with this plan here are some hi-lites

    1. Wasted space, why not shift the garage over and put “that” space on the other side (space #2) where it can be utilized?
    2. Lack of connection between home and rear yard/room.
    3. Very small odd shaped internal kitchen
    4. Actual impact on living space (yellow hi lite) as a result of entry/circulation
    5. I think this one has the potential for a small private courtyard that could be accessed from bedroom 2 so all is not lost. :-)

    Bottom line, while this plans clearly demonstrates that angles can have very large negative ripple effects, for me the single worst thing is the plan fails to take advantage of the potential of a rear accessed garage.

  • MJ


    This is definitely not a simple house. There’s a lot of angles and clumsy nooks which waist a lot of space.

    01. There is no closet at the entrance. People come straight into the living room so there’s probably going to be a lot of clutter.

    02. I don’t get the nooks at the end of the living room. I don’t think it’s needed and it’s a waste of material.

    03. The column added to frame the dining are create a weird second access from the corridor. I guess it’s the opening on the right is supposed to be the one used not to disturb people in the dining room but I don’t think it’s useful.

    04. I personally don’t like the shared terrace with the master and the fact that you have direct access to the master from the front.

    05. What’s the nook next to the pantry for? Wasted space ?

    06. I don’t think the angled closet is efficient. It’s just going to accumulate a lot of dust.

    07. The doors opening into one another in bedroom 2 is not ideal.

    08. The closet door in bedroom takes up a lot of space in the small bedroom. Perhaps bifold or sliding door would help.

    09. Lot of wasted space in the utility room.

    10. Master bedroom has an odd shape and it seems like it will be difficult to fit a bed with 2 night tables in there. The door from the terrace takes up a lot space.

    11. The angle in the walk-in closet for the master is odd. A larger linen closet in the bathroom (to avoid the angles) would have been better, specially considering the size of the closet.

  • Marilyn

    This is sunny Florida. The biggest problem is that the jumbled interior rooms have no connection to the outside other than the tiny east-facing terrace looking out on the street.

    The house exterior looks like it is built for security, not gracious southern living.

  • Steve


    My sketch has the details, but I think the biggest problem is that nothing is integrated. It’s like they had a bunch of random puzzle pieces that they just jammed together without regard for the picture they were creating. The result is a mish-mash of misshapen rooms and spaces, huge amounts of wasted circulation space, and 28 exterior corners! I don’t even want to think about the roof!

  • Steve


    Here’s the .jpg.

  • jim baer

    marilyn, that is the thing that most catches my attention also. i know florida can get oppressively hot and humid at times, but what about the rest of the year??? shouldn’t indoor / outdoor living be THE reason to live in florida??

    others, i like the markups and comments over the plan. it is in keeping with the spirit of the exercise, i think.

  • James Scott

    As Steve pointed out such a large, irregular footprint. And this is not inexpensive either unless you cut corners elsewhere. Utilize a smaller, more efficient footprint by simplifying the foundation and by moving some of the bedrooms upstairs.

    That side yard by the garage, what would you do with that, no windows, no access, of no use, what a waste.

    And is this really a bungalow, or a bungalow style townhouse?

  • Terri

    Top 3 picks:
    1. Orientation all to the street(s), even the MB with its terrace. Never thought I’d complain about that since so many homes in this segment have zero or minimal street personality due to bullnose garages, but where does one relax here?

    2. Lousy entry. A porch is not enough of a transition. Use part of that useless dining room space and give us a closet, please.

    3. Kitchen has too few cupboards and no work triangle (unless the sink is in that tiny island?).

  • Elizabeth

    I’ll just add:

    I don’t see a sink in the kitchen. I’ll assume it’s on the tiny islet. For a house this size, there’s almost no work surface area in kitchen.

  • Elizabeth

    Ha Terri, Great minds and all that…