Part 1 – Gould Residence, Illinois

Part 1 – Gould Residence, Illinois (PDF)

  • Louis Pereira

    This layout is very typical of the period (50′s) and is almost identical to my own floor plan save for the attached garage and ‘study’ (my wife would kill for that additional space!)

    In our house we were able to remove the partition separating the Dining Rm and stairs leading to the basement. Spatially, this really extends the size of the room. We were also able to remove the structural wall separating the Lving/Dining and Kitchen, replacing it with an exposed I-beam to open up the entire space.

    i find it awkward that the fireplaces (back then) were always tucked in the corner of a room – this makes it difficult to arrange furniture. To open up the Family Rm (Study) to the rest of the main living space, i would suggest retrofitting the entire fireplace – making it one feature to tie-in both rooms.

    The transition from the garage doesn’t indicate a grade change on the plan shown, though i think it would be necessary to include a min. 3 risers at this location.

    As for the kitchen i would modify it so that you have access to the terrace with perhaps sliding doors.

    The Ensuite is tricky, but i think you can incorporate a W/C with the rest of the ensuite with access to it off the main corridor and from the MB

  • John Brown

    I find it very useful when I can relate a current design project to something that we have come across before. As you mention, your own experience removing those walls and having to deal with the corner fireplace gives an added dimension to the plan based exercises we are working through at the moment.