Part 2 – 1340 sqft 2 Bedroom Condo, Texas

1340 sqft 2 Bedroom Condo, Texas (PDF)
1340 sqft 2 Bedroom Condo, Texas (JPEG)

  • James Scott

    Feeling faint while shaving, I’m sure there’s a condition and a web site that deals with that very issue. Must be the VOCs in the foam.

    John – One of the comments made during today’s evaluation was the proportion of the unit. Trying to find a few examples in The Slow Home Project Catalogue I really did not come across any properties from a high-rise perspective.

    Do you or any contributors from Team Slow Home have any examples of properties that really work in these real-life scenarios?

  • Chris

    I do not think it is a good idea to put the walk in closet on the other side of the bathroom like that. Not at all pratical. I have seen several layouts like that when looking for a home and thought it was poor planning.

  • Jim

    Other than a shared toliet and shower I would like to see the walk in closet divided into two seperate dressing areas each with it’s own sink. Posibley a bidet in one.

    Have the door to the space where the west sink is now, would free up another wall in the bedroom. Would also shorten the path from the luandry to to closet. (or vice versa) Eliminate the little closet in the entry to the bedroom.