Part 2 – 1400 sqft 3 Bedroom Condo, Illinois

1400 sqft 3 Bedroom Condo, Illinois (PDF)
1400 sqft 3 Bedroom Condo, Illinois (JPG)

  • jim baer


    i am a newbie to the site. i discovered it last week, and have been spending WAY too much time catching up on the WWWTH segments. and i have already recommended it to several people.

    I think that all in all this is far from the worst of the plans you have looked at. it has a good come into space, good orientation, good separation of public and private, reasonable circulation and generally well proportioned rooms. it also does a better job of reconciling the clashing 45 degree geometries than several of the other apartments in the WWWTH series.

    where it falls down is in the details. the clashing geometries create awkward wasteful spaces. perhaps with a little more creative work, these could also be reconciled in a more graceful manner.

    the worst part? definitely the household bathroom. using it on a regular basis would probably be agony. it offends in so many ways.

  • John Brown

    Welcome to the site. I am glad that you are enjoying the segments and I appreciate the referrals.

    You make some good points and I agree it is far from the worst we have had on the site.

  • ben hochberg

    I agree that the bathroom is one of the worst parts of the house. I think also that the utility/washing room is also an unfortunate part of the plan. The two rooms are emblematic of the overall problem of there being a misappropriation of square footage in the plan. The space-to-function ratio of these two rooms is very large and could have been appropriated differently to provide more space for the living areas [in particular, the dining area].

    In short these two rooms are dysfunctional not only because of their layout internally but also because of their detrimental effects on the rest of the spaces.


  • DDF

    How does one find the next stage of this condo re-design? Curious as to how it works out!


  • Terri

    On this segment, WWWTH, we don’t necessarily redesign it. We can submit a reno plan if we want, but it’s not a design project as such. The point is to discuss the plan in detail and see what kind of consensus we reach (usually John does a summary of the three worst elements).