Part 2 – 2500 sqft, 3 bedroom House, California

2500 sqft, 3 Bedroom House, California (PDF)
2500 sqft, 3 Bedroom House, California (JPEG)

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    My list is:
    3) bloated master suite
    2) lack of seasonal storage, oh wait that is the garage
    1) a dining area that is too small

  • Steve

    You’re right, John — I suppose this is about as good as a front-facing, at-grade, double garage can get. It still makes a big impession, but at least it’s compact (as these things go), is behind the fore-plane of the porch and bedroom 2 (which I imagine have a visually accentuated roof), and is balanced by the bedrooms opposite the porch void. As you point out, it could have been much worse.
    “Now that the once-humble garage has become an expression of the homeowner’s personality and style of the house …”

  • Cat

    I really dislike the fireplace. It’s San Diego, for pete’s sake! How many days a year are they likely to use the fireplace? Wouldn’t they be better served by a nice set of doors with a view and better access to the back yard?

    Living in a warm climate, I haven’t used a fireplace in decades, but last I saw they burned fuel, adding CO2 to the atmosphere without adding any heat to the house. I am sure they are more efficient these days, but they still burn needless fuel. Is this just a personal prejudice of my own?

  • jim baer


    i only had time for a hand sketch, but i could not let it be.

  • Louis Pereira

    A bit late for commenting, but i wanted to add that as far as typical suburban houses go, it’s good to see that the front of the house in this example isn’t overwhelmed by the garage. In such cases, the front elevation actually has a chance for a worthwhile street presence. But alas, there is always something wrong, first and foremost with a house that doesn’t respond its site. That I would rate as the biggest gaffe.