Part 2 – Cummings Bristol Residence, British Columbia

Part 2 – Cummings Bristol Residence, British Columbia (PDF)

  • Nancy Pease

    To renovate a bathroom and not put in a walk-in shower seems useless to me. And to have the laundry so ‘far’ from the closet and bedroom is also annoying. The laundry could be put where you want a table and vase focal point, behind a [full length mirror] door…..freeing up the entire upper space for megabathroom.
    The ‘office’ space looks more like a den/spare bedroom. If they asked for an office , I would put shelves,work table, computer terminals,printers and file cabinets in….and a lock on the door.
    The TV could go out in the living space so company could share.

  • Brad W


    A very nice plan. For me, what makes your plan work is the size of the kitchen. As in my plan B from day 1, it is tempting to make the kitchen dominate the living space.

    I have included my plans from day 1.

    John, you should consider posting your plan in the comments at some point during day 2 for easy reference in the discussion.


  • Meg

    Here’s my attempt. I really like the plan that John suggested. I particulary like the bedroom, closet, bathroom sequence of spaces. If I’d read Nancy’s post before I’d drawn it I would have used her suggestion and put the laundry behind an attractive door as her comments about having the laundry a long way from the closet are very valid.

    I made a few changes to John’s plan. I though it would be possible to get rid of the door from the living space into the master bedroom which would free up that corner for perhaps some shelf space, or a chunk could be taken back for storage or maybe there’d be room for a spare chair or day bed. It also allows for more closet space in the MBR.

    I also moved the door to the second room down a bit to allow for a wall of storage, which again if as Nancy mentions they want more storage or desk space this provides another long wall to play with. In my plan a TV could be placed above the sofa in the corner.


  • Louis Pereira

    John – I was to pleased to know we had a similar strategy to locate the Kitchen, Washroom and Laundry. I had a different approach however by combining a double sink and vanity with a Dressing Area.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the clients have very similar living and schedule patterns, which is why I’ve proposed double of everything. I wanted desparately to include a tub in the washroom but opted finally for just a double frameless glass shower.

    I’ve included a precedent image by Kaehler-Moore Architects along with a second option to help support the concept for the MW piece separating the Living Room and the Guest / Study. I think it’s important to keep these 2 rooms as open as possible and to provide the flexibility to create the necessary privacy when needed. I also find that you can easily convert the Study into a Bedroom by adding a closet to where the Desk is located.

    The issue of plumbing has a lot of merit. This proposed plan would require major modifications to existing plumbing and hinges on those constraints…but it was fun to explore the possibilities…


  • Brad W

    Louis, I like the your proposed MB. The orientation of the bed facing the window gives better access to the balcony than having the bed on the back wall. As usual, nice detail in the plan. You must have been inspired by Star Trek with the inclusion of so many sliding doors! :)

  • Volker

    Louis – I like the image from Kaehler-Moore. I wonder if there is really a need for a double sink and vanity – even if they have a similar schedule. I believe clients and even architects tend to put in a lot of things that are on one hand nice to have and (especially for architects) looking great on pictures and floorplans but then on the other hand in real life noone is actually using it. Similar to the last WWWTH, where they had more toilets than people living in there… strange.

  • Louis Pereira

    Thanks Brad – True there are plenty of pocket doors to go around…though studying the plan, it could very easily accomodate standard swing doors at every door way (attached).

    Volker – Yes, i agree we could all live more simple, but I can only make the suggestion and let the client decide if it is at all necessary to have the 2 sinks. As a note, they did list the bathroom as no. 2 on their priority list so to me that would imply that it may be necessary.


  • Omar

    I agree with Nancy about the laundry. Regarding the kitchen, why not put a counter top stove on the island? That way when people cook, they would be facing the windows.

  • Brad W

    Another approach – going for a spacious and spectacular bathroom at the expense of the guest room.


  • John Brown

    Sorry to not have gotten on the site earlier – too many other things going on.

    Good job revising my concept to accommodate Nancy’s comments about the office.

    Like Brad I also like you master bedroom layout. The “functional” headboard is reminiscent of an earlier design project.

    In my experience there is a 50-50 split in client preference for sinks or cooktop on the island.

    With that said, a cook top on the island typically requires a downdraft exhaust which sucks the fumes down and out a vent in the floor. This maybe difficult to do in a high rise. It is also more expensive because it requires make up air from the mechanical system. This may not even be possible in a multi-family project.

  • Frank

    Here is my attempt to pull the room together around the central core on the North wall and allow the south light to penetrate the space. I envision that the laundry could be incorporated into the kitchen cabinet work as is common small units in Europe. The east wall would support the art and audio visual equipment storage.

    I opted for a half bath off the entry for short term visitors. It could be enlarged to a 3/4 bath by taking space from the master bath if a shower was desired.


  • Frank

    I forgot to attach the follow inspiration for the kitchen cabinet wall system.


  • Paul C

    A little late to the conversation. I started from the premise of leaving the bathroom where it is.
    Worth noting:
    Entry has been expanded/enhanced (millwork along wall which wraps around, down hall into living and sliding glass panels into study)
    Every fisherman/photographer needs a Hall of Fame :-)
    Study/guest space easily accessible from Master, millwork creates bath hallway/linen. Morning coffee easily accessible from kitchen. Stacked laundry shares space with closet. I particularly liked how living in/moving about this home could help emphasize that it is a corner unit.

    Bit of a departure but it was fun and yes there is no door on the master, I felt the length of hallway(s) could suffice. If not, a pocket door(s) could easily be installed.


  • Louis Pereira

    That’s a very interesting take Paul!…

    The difference with this layout seems to be the light penetration to many of the main spaces. Even the core – ie. washroom and closet could be 7′ paritions and open above or with glass transoms to u/s of clng. This could give those core rooms an airy feel or feel like an object sitting in the middle of a large and open floor plan…I like the ‘hall of fame’ concept – makes a lot of sense to me.

  • Louis Pereira

    Found this project by XODESIGNGROUP and wanted to share with everyone. It’s uncanny how it encompasses many of the ideas posted for this particular design exercise, yet this is one project…


  • Louis Pereira

    Frank – Great job on the renderings!…sketchup i presume? I wish i was more familiar with that program.

    I like the sectional along the kitchen island…Hope you’ve planned on scotch-guarding that sofa ;)

  • Paul C

    Great images, sorry but I couldn’t resist a little Friday fun ;-)


  • Frank

    Louis: Thanks. I am always impressed by the insightful design solutions you post.

    Yes you are correct. It is Sketchup and it really is quite easy to learn. I just downloaded the program and wanted to try it out on this project. Less than three hours of learning and practice to complete the 3D design.

    Right you are. Either scotchguard or add a backsplash 3-4 inches on the backside of the island counter.