Part 2 – Hahn Residence, Massachusetts

Part 2 – Hahn Residence, Massachusetts (PDF)

  • John Brown


    This is the completed concept design for the Hahn residence.

  • Steve


    I’ve shortened the closet in my design for wider access to the bedroom, but now that I see John’s plan, I might move the whole kitchen out to make a bigger bedroom altogether. Honestly, I hadn’t seen his post until my earlier plan was up!

    I think someone else also used a furniture-type unit to separate the sleeping area from the kitchen or living area, which I think I prefer to the solid wall in John’s plan. Having reflected light enter over as well as around the “wall” would make a big difference. That Splyce case study we did several months ago continues to inspire.

  • BradW

    John’s plan is straightforward and functional. I appreciate how things line up and the sightlines that are created.

  • mary benson

    I zoned the loft in terms of various functions.

  • Louis Pereira


    What a great little (big) space. I really like the layout strategy, the idea of a separate bath and finally the study desk which allows one to look out to the balcony or even watch some television from there. A bit like this study/living room setup by Paul Uhlmann Architects…(attached)

  • Terri

    I think I like Steve’s version of this plan better than John’s (they’re so similar) because the sightline to the bed is hindered just a bit more. I agree that John’s has a nicer view from the desk, yet I wonder how tidy this desk will be. Placing it centrally is risky.
    I also agree with Steve regarding opening up above the range/fridge wall. That two feet of space along the end bedroom wall that’s there to allow light seems too narrow for walking so why not put some kind of shelving/table combo piece that still allows light? Actually, then the kitchen might have just a little more counter and allow the fridge and stove some needed separation.

    I also question putting the head of the bed right behind the fridge…I’ve lived in rooms with the bed across from such a fridge wall (on the other side) and it was annoying hearing it cycle on and off. Can’t imagine being right next to it.

  • Terri

    I see there is separation between fridge and stove…bad eyes, I guess. Forgot to say that I like looking at the living room part of the studio from the entryway in John’s plan.

  • Paul C


    Wow…this may be banal compared to the many inventive, in particular sleeping solutions, proposed thus far. A bed cube I’m floored, too cool!

    The plan simply asks the question, would someone forego a typical space (in this case the dining table area) if the remaining area resulted in spaces and components that one might find in a larger home?

    A glazed overhead door opens into the bed area for flexibility, akin to Steve’s proposal the millwork would be kept below the ceilings and the kitchen wall cabinets would not go into the corners. This is done to help emphasis the larger proportions. I think the entry and study at this stage are a little blocky and so I would think some element(s) either on the floor or ceiling would be needed to help transition between and connect the two spaces and help drive the view to the living beyond.

  • Kelly

    I more of a lurker on this sight, but I really enjoyed seeing such a well-done small home that accomplishes all that it needs to to without excess. Everyone’s plans show wonderful creativity.

    Regarding the privacy issue in the bedroom, if she ever felt th need to close off that space from the entry then a curtain could be hung from the kitchen wall to the side of the bath door, and pulled close when needed. I also prefer John’s solid wall to an open kitchen. I’m all for natural light, but not when trying to sleep.

    And on noise, are newer refrigerators really that loud? I’m in a rental and the thing would drive me crazy, but it’s rental-unit old. I thought new ones were better about this.

    Much appreciation to John and contributors for this site.

  • Louis Pereira

    Great plan Paul and an excellent way to sequence through the entry and into the main living space!

  • Paul C


    Based on Terri’s observation with respect to visible desk clutter and my feeling that maybe the study/entry could be better I have made one simple revision. That being the addition of sliding panels in front of the desk area. When closed, the bookcase area could come across as a library, art display, a more refined area extended from the entry. When open, the large desk would serve and the sliding panels would be in front of the entry closet.

  • Doug Roberts


    I’m a little late in the game here, but I thought I would throw a few curves in to create some visual interest in this loft. Taking inspiration from the work by Rawlings Design on the Chelsea Renovation (Aug 31-Sep 1 case study), I incorporated a curved frosted glass shower into the wall separating the sleeping area from the kitchen/living area, which would both create visual interest and help to bring natural light into the sleeping area. I continued the curve theme by creating a curved island that would double as a dining table.

  • leo

    Doug! Great idea. I love the idea of being able to look up from my cereal to see who is in the shower!

  • Paul C

    I think this is an excellent example of how a precedent is employed. Somewhat in line with the SHR discussion John and Louis had on the topic. (not a copy but a jumping off point)

    Doug, you have expertly adapted one element of the Chelsea case study, used it as a starting point (curved wall, curved island) and the result is uniquely different, a little risqué maybe which might play to the funky side of the owner and works well to open up the space. The location of the study area also worked out well. It is in the room, but also slightly hidden in the room behind the sidewall.

  • James Scott

    Yes, I hear the Alfred Hitchcock screech as I type this!!!

    Actually Doug I think that the curved shower is really cool. I wonder if my wife would let me get away with that in our home…Nah.

    It’s funny though, I was thinking of the same project but how the kitchen was pretty well the main entry point into the suite. I’ll do my best to have something for Friday.