Part 2 – Out of the Box by Cadence Architects

Out Of The Box by Cadence Architects (Ground Floor)
Out Of The Box by Cadence Architects (First Floor)
Out Of The Box by Cadence Architects (Second Floor)

  • James Scott

    Nice compact home which provides more than many home much larger in size.

    Are there stairs to the roof as well? If so really this is a four level house. Anyone been up on their roof lately, whether repairing shingles or being a goof and jumping off it’s quite a view.

  • Jim H


    Concept study

  • Jim H


    Try this again.

  • Doug Roberts

    Hi John — Don’t forget to post the floorplan!

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    I wonder if the ground floor issn’t a seperate residence. Maybe even servents quarters.

  • Paul C


    I like how a non-random methodology transforms into an apparent random effect.

  • John Brown

    Looking at it more closely I think you may be right. I think that having a separate apartment makes it even more interesting.

    Sorry for forgetting to include the plans. They are now posted.

  • Volker

    I really like the entrance-sequence – going up the exteriour stairs… taking a turn – looking up the interior stairs but being “forced” to step into the entrnace and enjoy that very special design of this interior courtyard… sun reflecting from the white concrete, the concrete patterns, the green .. and so on. Really impressive.
    The Layout of the upper level, the bedroom level is nice, although it is a tight site, those rooms are really nice layouted.
    James I am sure that you are right, going up the stairs again, finally reaching the roof-top must be awesome, being alomst on top of everything enjoying the nice view over the whole quarter.. really that is the place to go.
    I only hope that the people living upstairs are having a nice looking car – cause otherwise it might be a pretty negative impact on the quality of living on the ground floor – being forced to look at either a metal fence (like a prison) or at an “ugly” car…

  • Terri

    That two-storey enclosed courtyard, encased in concrete, must have not only a cooling effect but also a noise-deadening one (like those concrete “fences” next to freeways). That single tree would be most revered, wouldn’t it?

    The use of the blue is a cool, calming colour, most suitable for the bedrooms, yet the white below adds reflective light, which makes the main part of the house brighter. Even the glass doors are reflecting light.

    The floorplan isn’t quite as open as it could be if the wall between kitchen and living room were not completely solid. But since it’s compact, it can’t really afford to lose much wall space. I like the use of storage under the stairs and also the placement of the powder room well away from the living space.

    However, accessing the laundry through the kitchen isn’t great, and possibly the powder room and utility could have had the same access point somehow. Also, it looks like maybe the master bedroom doesn’t have a closet, unless it’s that space adjacent to the bath.

    BTW, what is a “puja”? It’s marked on two floors but shows quite different objects.

  • Brad W

    I think this house is a thoughtful response to its site. Certainly, it is incredibly dramatic at night. The interior is simple and well-proportioned maximizing its usefulness. What more could you ask? A very well done project.

  • John Brown

    A puja is a personal shrine that is used for a religious ritual (Puja) performed by Hindus. It is based on the idea of giving a gift to a diety in order to receive their blessing. There are home pujas and temple pujas. A home puja is usually very modest – a simple worship of offerings,such as an offering of light,water and incense,and/or fruit.

  • MichaelG

    Wow, its also a multi-generational house. Extra impressed.