Part 2 – Taylor Residence, Calgary

Part 2 – Taylor Residence, Calgary (PDF)

  • Carlos Sierra

    Hi John.
    Just want to let you know this exercise is exactly what many architects need to be looking at. Many times in the suburban homes people make really bad decision on the layouts of the interior. This is even great as we can exchange ideas of how spaces can be change. Now, I do have couple of recommendations. When I started with the original design, I didn’t want to see the entire video. I had an idea at the beginning but as I continue watching your video I realized that there were things I did not have clear from the beginning realizing I had more flexibility. Maybe for each case, you should give us a little bit more info on the PDF so that we can get a better understanding of the project and make better decision.

    But this is a great exercise; much better than just looking at pictures.

    Thank you very much.

  • John Brown

    Thanks very much for the good suggestions. It is going to take us a few weeks to get the process tuned up. As we are inventing this idea of a ‘web based interactive design school environment’ as we go, feedback like this is essential. Let me know what you think after all three of the concept design episodes for the week have been posted. We hope that as more people get involved with the exercises on the site, a design conversation will start up amongst the participants.

    It is good to hear that you think these exercises would be beneficial for architects and designers. Our primary goal with the site is to provide design education for non professionals who want to learn more about residential architecture and how to create a better, more balanced place to live. The more people who get involved with Slow Home the sooner we will be able to start demanding more from the too fast residential industry.