Part 3 – Rice Residence, Toronto

Part 3 – Rice Residence, Toronto (PDF)

  • Jacob Westlund

    I am going to design my own house and I wonder which CAD-Program you are using?

  • John Brown

    Hi Jacob,
    Like most architects, we use Autocad in the office, which is a rather expensive professional piece of software. There a lot of mass market cad programs around and I am not really familiar with any that are great. Try to find something that just lets you draw lines rather than insert finished components like doors and windows and furniture. The most basic of systems are usually the most flexible and therefore the most suitable.

    If you thinking about designing your own house, it is also important to remember that we are, at this point, only discussing plans on our site. As important as plans are for understanding the organizational structure of a house, you need to think of the home as a three dimensional construction, not just a plan with walls extruded up 8′ when you are designing. I will be talking about this on the site in the coming months.

  • Jacob Westlund

    OK, Thank you!