Week of October 2, 2009

thirdstone inc.

  • Grace


    Better World by Design co-sponsored by Brown and RISD
    (You should keynote next year’s conference):



  • Grace

    (I watched the report after posting above.)

    This WAS a “really big treat!” I loved seeing and listening to Louis. I also loved John’s enthusiasm–a wonderful side of your personality shines through. The suspense created by keeping Louis off-screen gave time to wonder if his appearance and voice would mesh with the Louis we know from the blog. And YES! the visual/audio Louis was perfectly in keeping with the Slow Home Louis. LOL. Wonderful discussion, too, especially about design citation. Thank you both.

  • James Scott

    John – Wow! I thought you were going to jump through the roof you were so excited, and for good reason. What a terrific treat this is. Can’t wait until Christmas.

    Louis – In the virtual flesh, thanks for your insights and other contributions over the months. Between John, yourself and the many other contributors, The Slow Home has made the concept of good, solid home design that much more accessible to the rest of us!

  • jim baer

    WOW. that was a really big treat! wonderful to “meet” louis in person.

    my professional background has been in low income housing and housing for the disabled, so it has had scant opportunity for more than the basics. i have learned things from both louis and slow home about going the next step and becoming more sophisticated with using built-ins for defining space, adding interest, luxury, etc…as my business transitions into more middle and upper middle income housing renovations i think these new found skills will come in handy.

    my thanks to both of you.

  • Elizabeth

    John, I have to add to the voices saying that your enthusiasm and energy was palpable. So THAT’S how you keep so many projects going!

    Louis, thanks for your always beautiful contributions and thoughtful comments on other designs.

  • Belle

    It was a very interesting interview. Such a pleasure to see Louis after seeing so many of his beautiful, clean, simple designs. Although I am much more of a reader than contributor, I feel I have learnt a lot from the site. Congratulations to you John for always keeping things fresh with surprises and to Louis for his reliably good designs.

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    Woo Hoo. We get to meet Louis. Great to put a face and voice to the excellent submissions.

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    For those interested, Louis’ web site http://www.thirdstone.ca/

  • Grace

    It’s a luscious site!

  • John Brown

    Thanks for posting this. There is a link to Louis’ design firm under the player but I guess the font was too small. We will correct that.

  • Paul C

    That was a very nice treat. Nice to see and hear from Louis in the virtual flesh. Always interesting to hear the design perceptions from architects of different disciplines. Here’s hoping for a collaboration of your combined talents in the near future. I am confident the result would be worthy of a Case Study.

  • Terri

    Wow, Louis is not a mythical designer afterall! ;)
    So great to see the two of you discussing design. The energy was palpable, even here on the other side of the video screen.
    I was glad that you asked Louis about his precedents, John, because I’ve been blown away with how he comes up with them so often and quickly. I understand now, Louis, the level of your design interest, doing all that research. We are the fortunate, benefitting from your time and energy. Thanks to both of you (and everyone else) for keeping this site always interesting!

  • Louis Pereira

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and to John for taking the time to speak with me.

    I was delighted to meet John along with his skillful team. His request for a video interview caught me by surprise. I was pleased that we sat during the discussion. Otherwise I would be tripping over myself instead of my words. He was a gracious host and as some of you have pointed it out – a lucid gentlemen with boundless energy.

    I was in Calgary last week attending a lecture by Thom Mayne and while I was there, took the opportunity to visit John. The Housebrand (and Slow Home) studio is located in an idyllic and established neighbourhood near the downtown core. The area has a great mix of small boutiques, restaurants, cafés and most importantly, multi and single family housing – all within a SLOW and relaxing stroll.

    I highly recommend dropping by their studio and likewise, if you’re ever in the Edmonton area, I extend the invitation to any of my fellow Slow Home cohorts out there who wish stop in and visit our design studio – I’ll never turn down a coffee!

    ( :-{|>

  • BradW

    Louis, great to see you…When I first discovered this site, you and John were commenting back and forth on a design project and I was intrigued. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind each week and, even if I occasionally play the devil’s advocate, I have a tremendous respect for your ability and your excellent and ongoing contributions on Slowhome. …

  • BradW

    John – another great week capped off by your wonderful discssion with Louis…terrific, thank you

  • RickB

    I am a heretofore silent observer and fan of Slow Home.

    Louis introduced me to Slowhome. Thank you Louis.

    Slow Home introduced me to simplicity and elegance of Louis’ designs. Thank you Slow Home.

    My thirdstone inc [^] designed home is now under construction.

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    This sounds like a case study in the making. I’m jealous.

  • Frank

    I haven’t contributed in a long while but have been following along and catch up on weekends as time allows. I often ponder how much effort you put into this site and am very thankful for the tremendous energy and effort you contribute to keeping this site going. Thanks

    It was great to finally put a face to the incredible talent behind the name. Your contributions to the dialogue; your simple, well articulated designs, coupled with your exceptional graphic presentation skills and visual precedents have increased my understanding of residential architecture and design. I appreciate your involvement in the dialogue and your tremendous contributions and insight. Thanks.

  • John Y

    Like Frank, I haven’t had a chance to comment in a little while, and just caught up on videos today — it was a great surprise seeing Louis on-camera.

    I’ve got a 25-minute train ride every morning now, so I was investigating if the slow home has a podcast version for me to watch on the train. It looks like one exists, but that it hasn’t been updated lately… is there any possibility of fixing that so I can watch on my iPhone in the morning?

    Regardless, I’ll drop in as possible going forward.

  • Leo


    Your website is quite the tease; I guess we’ll have to wait to see your portfolio! If your quick knock off designs here are anything to go by, it will be spectacular.

  • Louis Pereira

    Leo – Thanks for the comment.

    I hope to have projects posted to the website in the near future, but will need to have ongoing projects completed and professionally photographed before i start posting them under the ‘works’ menu. Stay tuned…