Pradeep’s Remodel in India – Part 2

John and Matthew continue their look at Pradeep’s remodel by looking at suggestions from a Slow Home Studio viewer.


  • Pradeep Babu

    SN, Thanks for your wonderful version. How may I contact you?
    John & Mathew,
    Thank  you again for your very kind consideration. I thought you might have an alternative for me to consider with a different stairs that’d enable a bigger bathroom for the master bedroom. Am I correct to think you didn’t think another stair position feasible?
    Thanks again for your wonderful videos.

    All, my email is pradeep dot babu at gmail dot com. Please let me know if I may be of help in any way.
    Many thanks,

  • Srdan Nagy

    John & Mathew, Thank you for making this video, it was an interesting project and working with Pradeep was an lovely experience.
    Those interventions regarding moving the entrance doors, and eliminating the terrace to extend the living room ware done based on information Pradeep provided, on what can be done.
    So if you decide to make your option for this project you can use them as they make a big difference in overall plan.

    Pradeep, I provided you with my contact via facebook (hope i sent the message on the wright one), if you didn’t receive it let me know.


  • Pradeep Babu

    I paid for the small space in front of the front door to set it flush against the front wall and can have it placed more towards West. Eliminating the terrace to extend the living room can be done after the builder hands over the finished unit.
    The exercise was very useful in that it gives me a better version compared to the original. I can make the request for moving the stair position is needed, if it gives me bigger master bath & kitchen. However, the terrace area has to remain the same, the per sq.ft. rate for terrace is half that of the rate inside. Stair area was counted twice (both floors).. hmmm.. I am just realizing the stairs+terrace was an expensive buy!
    SN, Thank you for your detailed response via Facebook. I will follow-up with you.

  • Pradeep Babu

    SN, J, M,
    I took SN’s shortened stairs & tried to fit a shower cubicle underneath it to have a bigger master bathroom. Made the master bedroom bigger! Also, now the kitchen has worksurfaces for appliances, & an island with a breakfast bar, & a pantry too! The double height section is bigger & can even fit a very tall plant! Please have a look & let me know if there are any outstanding problems.