Avoiding the Appliance Bling Trap

It wasn’t that long ago that kitchen appliances were a rather pedestrian affair. There were the three standards – refrigerator, stove with built-in oven, and dishwasher and they came in three finishes – white, black, and stainless steel. Fortunately that’s all changed now and there’s a wide variety of options to choose from, including a whole generation of exotic new appliance types. I’m talking about warming drawers, sauce drawers, dishwasher drawers, refrigerator drawers, beverage cooler, wine refrigerators, steam ovens, fryers, and coffee stations.

Taken individually, these new appliances are marvelous and can make your busy life easier and better. The two pre-requisites to garnering these benefits, of course, are that you really need whatever functionality the new appliance provides and that, if purchased, you will actually use it on a regular basis. In our experience too many people get seduced into over-buying appliances when designing their new kitchen and end up with a lot of seldom used shiny products that consume too much of the overall budget and take up too much valuable storage and counter space. In many cases, too many appliances can actually inhibit the functionality of the kitchen. We call it the appliance bling trap and it should be avoided at all costs.

To learn more, watch the video of John and Matthew discussing how you can decide which of these new breed of appliances are right for your new kitchen.

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