Best of Slow Home Studio: How to Detail a Shower Niche

Shower niches are a great way to slip in some extra storage for shampoo bottles and bath products without taking up the precious little space inside the shower stall. Built into the depth of the wall, they require some skilled attention to detail in order to make them look sharp and well finished.

The real trick is to create a neat tile edge all around the outside corners of the niche. To make things easier on the tile setter, a good idea is to create a durable frame, either in stainless steel or maybe a solid surface counter product like quartz, and line the edges of the niche with this material. If this edge is extended about half an inch past the face of the tiled wall, then the tile setter will have a nice easy joint to butt the wall tile up against. This will prevent the tile installation at the niche corners from looking sloppy and crooked.

Today’s Slides:

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