How To Detail a Steam Shower

One of the most luxurious bathroom features is a steam shower. However, there are a series of particular construction details that must be executed properly in order to have a functional and long lasting installation.

The steam unit generator is a piece of mechanical equipment that is installed by the plumber. It needs to be located within close proximity to the shower itself and must have easy access for cleaning and maintenance. It generates heat, so it needs to be placed in a vented space and also requires a hardwired electrical connection.

The shower enclosure itself needs to be finished with a special water proof membrane on all surfaces that is specifically designed to handle the extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Regular shower drywall is not sufficient. A high performance epoxy tile grout is also recommended instead of a standard sand and cement grout.

Other important details include ensuring the ceiling of the steam shower is tiled with a slight slope to prevent excessive condensation from building up. Also, the shower glass needs to be installed tight on all sides and sealed with a gasket to prevent the steam from escaping. And finally, any bench or ledge structures must be built out of non-wooden material such as concrete block or styro-foam.

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