On Location – HRV Installation

Today we are looking at how the HRV unit is installed in our newly completed case study house. The HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) is a piece of mechanical equipment that is mounted to the ceiling of the mechanical room. It’s functions as an air exchanger where the warm the exhaust air from the furnace is passed by the cool incoming air from the outside and thus pre-heats the outside air – this reduces the amount of heating demand placed on the furnace. It is also connected to the furnace and to vents located in each of the bathrooms in this house. This type of installation is known as an active HRV which serves to circulate fresh air through out the house and air exchange in the bathrooms.

In each of the bathrooms there is a round, six inch duct located high on the wall that serves to circulate the air from the HRV. There is also a fan control in each bathroom which sets the speed of the air flow in each space. Not to be confused with an electrical bathroom fan, which simply exhausts the air in the bathroom directly to the outside, the HRV actually provides incoming air.

Today’s Slides:

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