On Location – Island Legs

Our case study house has two islands in the kitchen – each one has been detailed slightly differently. Today, we are looking specifically at how the legs of the island have been put together.

The first island has a raised leg detail. The intention is to make the island look more like a table. The legs are on the corners of this island and are 3 inches by 3 inches square and sit proud of the adjacent drawers and gable ends by about one inch. The leg detail is further emphasized by the toe kick, which is recessed and has been detailed in a different finish from the island itself.

The second island includes an overhang for counter stools. On this island, the leg is wider to accommodate a bank of electrical switches and it is only raised off the adjacent cabinet fronts by half an inch. It is connected to a three inch deep “stretcher” rail which acts as a structural support for the overhang of the stone top. Without this stretcher, the stone would not have the strength it needs to support the weight of the overhang required for the stools.

Today’s Slides:

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