Tsawwassen Kitchen Remodeling Design Project – Part 4

John and Matthew reveal their redesign of Roy and Tina’s single family home!

  • Brad W

     Very cool design resulting in a great kitchen/family room. This plan deals nicely with interior flow and relates well to the existing backyard conditions. The easy trade offs – no kitchen table and the far away dining room. 

  • Roy and Tina

    Thank you all for your input! We’re really excited about making positive “slow home” changes to our plan!
    The most comprehensive negotiating is about to get underway- wonder if Kissinger is willing to broker this deal?
    Thanks again, John and Matthew, for hosting and navigating us all through the process!
    Best Regards,
    Roy and Tina

  • Oscar B. Morales

     Hello John and Mathew,
    I love the approach of this design, it did resolve one of the issues that I had with the garage access and mudroom area.
    My only concern is that there is a lot of circulation, which is great for large gatherings. The areas where I would have a tendency to put more built in (millwork) behind the large sectional sofa, would start encroaching into the family room space, thus eliminating or constricting some of the circulation.
    Can’t wait to hear where all these ideas bring Roy and Tina’s final decisions.

  • Terri

    I like the clean simplicity of your plan, John and Matthew. That access to laundry area is clever too.

    Roy and Tina, I wish you lots of luck with your renovation. A follow-up would be great some day. There are some of us who have been around this site for a couple of years or more, so we’ll probably be here to see what happens with your kitchen/family room space.