02/04/10 – Dallas/Fort Worth – Townhomes

Hello Slow Homers!

Even though we are missing our official Friday sum up day, I did look at all of the design projects that were submitted on Wednesday and am posting them with some additional design comments. Please take a moment to review them and I look forward to your feedback!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  • Matthew North


    Vickie – Here’s my take on your design.

  • Matthew North


    Sarah W – Here’s my take on your design.

  • Matthew North


    Dominique – Here are my revisions to your plan.

  • Matthew North


    Corey – Here’s my take on your design. I’ve flipped the location of the powder room and added a closet.

  • Matthew North


    Margo – Here are my revisions to your plan.

  • Mid America Mom


    Changes as requested.

  • Matthew North


    Matt K.B. – I like the dining space in front.

  • Matthew North


    Jodi J – I would open the kitchen when the space is so small.

  • Matthew North


    Laura K – Here’s my take on your design.

  • Matthew North


    Terri – Here’s my revision to your design.

  • Matthew North


    Frances – The powder room on your plan could be a bit smaller. Also, don’t need kitchen on 3 sides.

  • Matthew North


    Molly K – Here are my revisions to your plan.

  • Matthew North


    M.A.M. – With half the wall to the kitchen, I would move the living room back.

  • Terri

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my plan. I see you cut off my direct rear access to the kitchen so that we must pass the dining table with groceries. :( But I can see how you needed that extra space in order to remove one wall of the U-kitchen. I guess my other grumble is with the bar stools with their backs to the windows, yet I also see how this arrangement allows us to remove a half wall, which is more cost effective and opens the room some more. (I wonder about seeing the sink from my dining table now…)

    I hope you enjoy the holiday too!

  • Matthew North

    Terri – Your points are valid – seeing the sink from the bar stools and making a longer passage way from the garage to the kitchen with groceries. The strong idea I took from your plan was the back closet – rotating it the way you did makes an effective back entry while simultaneously creating a way to ground the dining table in the overall open concept space – this is really effective and everyone should look at how you did this as you are making two really important architectural moves with one element. I changed the kitchen layout to a U and closed the access off on the side because I think it simplifies the rest of your scheme. Good work – enjoy the day – it is really sunny and nice here in Calgary!

  • Terri

    Thanks, Matthew, for recognizing my closet’s position. It felt like a stroke of genius when I came to it, as I’d been struggling for over an hour before then. (Murray’s plan, posted late that day, is very similar to my earlier–nixed–version.)

    I hear that most everyone east of BC is getting sunny and warm weather. We’ve had a wild wet one here, much like winter. Bag some rays while you can–this storm is probably headed your way next!

  • Grace

    John—Just can’t keep up with your pace! but thought you might get a kick out of the unhappy (and ironic) hipster website. Here’s a sampler:



  • John Brown

    How nice to hear from you. Thanks for the link to Unhappy Hipster. I hadn’t seen it before. It is hilarious.