Staircase Redesign Case Study Part 1

In the first of two parts, John and Matthew look at a challenging staircase remodel encountered during a recent project.

Today’s Slides:

  • BradW

    I have seen much worse. In homes of this vintage, it is very common to find some or all of the following problems: lack of headroom, a short run (leads to a very steep stair), inadequate or missing handrails and balustrades, not level, out of square, improper structure and lack of proper lighting. Fixing these problems can be a very time consuming and expensive task. In many cases, it is cost prohibitive. In fact, when looking at older properties, the character and quality of the old staircase is one of my key considerations in deciding to buy.

    I completely understand John’s head scratching on this one…I think I have an idea what to do so I am looking forward to seeing his solution.

  • Matthew North

    Hi Brad – it is an interesting condition because the clients came to us specifically looking for ideas how to resolve this issue as they had one small child and another one on the way. It was a make or break for them with this house and it was a head scratcher and we had to work through several schemes before arriving at the final one. The house had so much character and deserved to have this figured out.