On Location – Wet Bar Design Ideas

Our wet bar is located just to the side of the kitchen in our case study house. There is a large side yard window located above the wet bar that we wanted to incorporate into the overall design of the wet bar cabinetry. To do this, we created an upper cabinet for glass and bottle storage that also becomes the trim of this side yard window. We thickened and extended the gables of the upper cabinet to surround the window above on three sides. The top of the cabinet then becomes a place for display and the header of the window houses an LED accent light. We carried our ceiling to cabinet reveal detail along the top of the window header to minimize the appearance of any uneven ceiling drywall.

For the backsplash, we simply used another piece of our quartz countertop to make it appear like the counter folds up and wraps up to the upper cabinet. This minimizes the number of materials used in this relatively small area and keeps everything looking clean and simple.

Today’s Slides:

  • Cat

    I’m loving being on location for February!  A lot of interesting details.  I’m not sure I like the reverse toe kick at the ceiling:  it just looks like a place for dust to gather, and in the kitchen it’s often greasy dust — yuck.