3 Design Tips To Improve a Standard Bathroom

A standard bathroom layout is very functional in plan, but often the detailing and finishing creates an overall horrible result. We believe that there are three simple ways to dramatically improve the design quality of any standard bathroom and the best part is this can all be done for very little cost.

The first idea is to off-set the sink in the vanity and add a bank of drawers or storage cabinet to the left or right of the sink. This will dramatically increase the functionality of the bathroom. And besides, who decided that a bathroom sink always had to be centered?

Second, extend the tile to include the area behind the toilet. If you are concerned about tile cost, specify a low cost white subway tile, but then increase the overall tiled area. There is nothing worse than having tiles that don’t reach the ceiling around the tub or shower or having a jagged tile edge by the toilet. The trick with tile is extend it and make it stop against a hard edge or inside corner.

Third, install the largest mirror possible. A large mirror, with or without a frame, will reflect light and make the space feel bigger. Carry the mirror to the edge of the vanity top and to the ceiling. In a typical builder bathroom, an undersized mirror is simply glued in the middle of the wall and does not go all the way to the counter or ceiling. This always looks cheap and unfinished.

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