How to Reuse a Concrete Foundation

In this Practical Sustainability, Design Minute, John and Matthew show how their design firm housebrand, successfully reused an existing foundation for a new home construction.

  • http://deleted S.N.

    there is one more way to reuse concrete foundation if you can’t use it like in John & Matthews’s project.
    Concrete is mixture of cement water and stone. So if you crush the foundations into small peaces (for that you need rock crusher) you can use it instead of rock in concrete mixture.
    You need to get a specialized rock crusher machine, but you will save a lot of money (think at the cost of buying and transporting same amount of material)
    O, yes, you need to check local code to see where you can use that type of concrete.


  • Mid America Mom

    One of the areas we brought a home in, most of the homes did not have a poured concrete foundation but a laid concrete block. Are there other ideas for that type?

    Mid America Mom

  • http://deleted S.N.

    Mid America Mom_concrete blocks can be used in the same way as i mentioned above. If you dismantle them carefully they can also be used to construct new walls (just like bricks), alltrough dismantling them without destroying them can be very difficult.

  • Brad W

    Clearly it is not always possible to move the house – a more likely scenario is careful demolition of the house to salvage as much as possible to donate for reuse and then rebuilding on the existing foundation. Demolition of a structure usually requires a demolition permit – check with your local building department.