A Detailed Look at a Remodeled San Francisco Cottage

John and Matthew highlight the fantastic remodeling job done to a cottage located in San Francisco by architect Cary Bernstein.

“Cary Bernstein Architect Firm Profile” – Remodelista Architect / Designer Directory

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  • Sam

    My local building codes/officials will not allow open stair risers. Any suggestions on how to get them to change their requirement?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Sam – we have run into that problem here in Calgary as well. The building code issue is that the distance between the open risers of the stairs exceeds four inches which is the maximum opening dimension you can have on a stair case. The reason for this concern is that an infant could get slip any gap wider than four inches. We have been able to get around this by adding a 3 inch wood strip on the bottom of the tread set back about six inches from the front of the step. It reduces the overall gap to less than four inches and is not really visible because it is set back quite far. I would run this by your local building code officers to see if this would be acceptable.