Adams Fleming House

For today’s Online Workshop, John and Matthew are looking at the “Adams Fleming House” by Levitt Goodman Architects of Toronto. This project will be posted in the Slow Home Gallery along with all the project images.

We would like to hear what you think of this project and the idea of transforming industrial sites in residential environments. Leave a comment and let’s have a discussion!

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  • Steve in Van


    I’d like to see a plan for this design, but the pics show good attention to detail, including the incorporation of the living area furniture into the stair (and a phantom kitty!). It seems you have to go through the kitchen to get to the dining and living areas, which is not ideal. The outdoor space includes several design elements — a picture showing the view from indoors would reveal whether the design is successful in obscuring the industrial setting.

    The transformation of industial sites to residential use is a kind of “redemption” that appeals to me, but it raises a question: Where is the industry going? We still need autobody shops, carwashes, factories, etc., and it’s better to have them close to residential neighborhoods than in far-flung industrial “parks” to which workers and consumers must drive. I wonder if “re-use” of an industrial site for a similar purpose would be cheaper and greener in the long run than “adaptive re-use.”