Alternatives to the Corner Pantry

In response to a viewer question, John and Matthew look at alternatives to the standard corner pantry.

Today’s Slides:

  • Konkinsa

    I didn’t know that lazy susans have been re-designed to look and work better.  Thanks for the ideas.  Is another way to handle corners is to try to design the kitchen so that there are no corner cupboards?  

    John and Matthew: I’m going to be in Palm Springs next month and I see that there’s going to a Fall Home Tour of midcentury modern homes.  I don’t know if the homes are renovated mid-century homes or examples of mid-cen. architecture that has been saved.  Any tips on what to watch for?   Not even sure if we’re going inside the houses.  It’s called the Modcom Fall Home Tour – October 29.  

  • Srdan Nagy

    Konkinsa, Modcom Fall Home Tour – October 29… I envy you…..  :) looks great… I am not sure which houses you are going to see (it is a bit odd that the web site is not mentioning that), but in general they are great…. 

  • Srdan Nagy

    John and Matthew, I have a great solution for odd corner in the kitchen…. instead of corner pantry why don’t you put a corner FIREPLACE !!!! :o)) ha ha just a joke….You made a great points with the presentation…. still appliance garage is my favorite…P.S. Konkinsa just reminded me with her tour…. a year ago you started a tour of your houses…. but we only saw John’s ground floor…. Can you please make a quick tours (MTV Cribs style) of places where you live… so we can see if “You live what you preach”… :)S.N.