An Interview with Bryn Davidson – Part 2

Matthew presents the second part to John Brown’s interview with Lanefab Design/Build co-founder, Bryn Davidson.

  • Brad W

    Matthew – really enjoying the programming this week and your work as a solo host – don’t worry I haven’t forgotten that too many people live in badly designed houses and we want to change that :)

  • Matthew North

    Hi Brad W – thanks for the feedback – I really appreciate it! My first solo episode was ROUGH but now I’m getting the hang of it. John did solo episodes for quite a while before I came along. And yes……it seems I have forgotten the “too many people” opener on the last two episodes so it will come back tomorrow! I hope you submit a scheme for the laneway house design project!

  • Terri

    Matthew & John;
    Thanks for sharing the Bryn Davidson interview. I found many of the images very pleasing, and to learn how the environmental impact has been considered (besides conserving on  space and materials) is also pleasing. Didn’t the Laneway House win the Slow Home Award when we looked at new housing in Vancouver last September during the Slow Home Project?