Angled Walls

A potential home-buyer from Toronto looks to John and Matthew for advice on whether or not a home with angled walls is worth a second look.

  • Mid America Mom

    Marte thanks for asking this question.

    Today, for fun, I was looking at a 3900+ sq foot home floor plan that had one 45 degree angle in the kitchen. It was just the one and was on a peninsula that faced a circulation area. Impact was slight.

    John and Matthew felt the closet and laundry were fine. John mentioned the door swing on the closet being to the hall is good. You may want to see if the same can be done with the laundry door.

    The kitchen does feel a little tight- about 9 from the island overhang to the bedroom wall? If you plan on placing stools there and want a decent sized table I would encourage you to place a rectangle shaped table, about 5 by 3 feet, on the long, on that wall. This way you have 1 seated with back to the front hall, another to the deck, and two facing the wall. Explore placing a mirror there.

    As for the space by the back door- great place to being the outside in. Plants that you have on the deck could be placed on a plant or flower stand in the colder months. I found a site that can give you ideas of stands- .

    Good luck.
    Mid America Mom