Baltimore Apartment Design Project

In case you missed this morning’s live broadcast of Slow Home Studio, you can click on the video player below to see John and Matthew’s redesign of an apartment/loft in Baltimore.

  • Brad W


    At the end of the session it was suggested that a more modest reno could be accomplished by simply removing the wall between the kitchen and the living space. If you do that you will need to repair the floor, repair the ceiling, paint the entire ceiling and deal with any electrical outlets/switches. The electrical issues may require that other walls be opened and the repaired floor will always look repaired unless completely refinished. I advise you to accept the apartment as is and save until you can afford to at least move all the walls into your preferred location. At a minimum, this will require new flooring throughout the space (possible exception the bathroom), rewiring much of the apartment, drywall, complete repaint and, likely, a completely new kitchen. I really do not think a phased approach is the right way to go – you will be under construction longer, previous work may need to be undone and you likely will not achieve a unified result.

    I have included an open plan that leaves the bathroom and kitchen plumbing completely untouched (to save money). The sacked laundry will require plumbing and venting which because of its location should be easily accomplished. Plumbing aside, the laundry faces into the bedroom hall for two reasons 1) the narrowest dimension of a washer/dryer is width (27 inches in this case) and 2) public access (you could provide direct access from the bedroom as an option). The closets in the bedroom are wardrobes which can be moved around. The study takes one wall in the living space and provides 6′ of floor to ceiling storage plus an elongated desk where two could work. This is not custom millwork but rather furniture readily available (eg. Ikea) The dining room is adjacent to a very functional kitchen as intended in the original layout.

    Good luck with your purchase.