Reducing Water Use

John and Matthew check out some innovative alternatives to standard-flush toilets. If you enjoyed today’s video you may also like our workshops on Hoodfan Designs and Environmentally Friendly Flooring.

  • Li-Na

    Roca has a sink-toilet (okay, they call it “Washbasin + Watercloset” which admittedly sounds better than “sink-toilet”!) with the tap on one side rather than in the middle…
    (Click on “W+W”, the site is Flash-based)

  • Mid America Mom

    LOL I can picture it now- how about outhouse style in modern design. ;)

    I am glad you mentioned composting – that was the extreme that came to my mind and some folks just may go for it.

    In this segment you spoke of American organizations such as the EPA and their regulations. Did the Canadian government also put the same guidelines/ restrictions in place (since this slow homer is in Kingston)?

    Mid America Mom

  • Paul C

    John and Matthew, regarding this topic and other green initiatives, there is a project in Calgary which may be of interest to you. Echohaven, located in NW Calgary has a demonstration home open to the public which employs a number of water conservation and rainwater harvesting techniques.

  • Jim N

    My sister was an exchange student in Japan 15 years ago. The family she stayed with had the toilet sink combination. The first time she flushed it the water started pouring out the top. She thought she had broken the plumbing and started screaming for help. The entire family ran to help. Everyone had a good laugh once they figured out what happened.

    I’ve read that an environmental case is now being made for including urinals (watered and waterless) in residential settings. I’ve also read that bidets, even though they use water, are environmentally preferable to using toilet paper.

    I can envision a bathroom that starts to resemble a plumbing showroom – toilet, bidet, urinal, sink, shower, tub. At some point the additional square footage of construction would have to outweigh the environmental benefit of more fixtures.

  • Frank

    For those interested in some detailed research, attached is a link to a plumber in our area who has put together a collection of data on the various types of low flow toilets including pricing and an owner comments section.

  • Travis
  • Traveler

    The sink toilet-top has been in widespread use in Japan for many decades. They’re easy to access if positioned correctly. I liked seeing how little water was needed how little water was needed to refill after a small flush. The sound of the water going into the cistern was somehow quite natural, too.

  • 66