Best of Slow Home Studio: London Bathroom in Detail

Today John and Matthew look at the bathroom of a timber-framed home designed by architect Marcus Lee in London.

“Slanted and Enchanted by Dominic Bradbury” –

  • Steve Schuh

    I missed this the first time around, so thanks for your ocassional ‘best of’ lesson.  This is such an important design consideration — continuing the lines and aligning different features creates a wonderful coherence.  This bathroom lacks some of the functional features you’ve recently discussed (e.g. well-placed toilet paper holder, easy access to toiletries), but it does look good!

  • BradW

    Kudos on the new look web site. The small changes have really helped improve the organization and flow of the space :)

  • Matthew North

    Hi Steve – it is interesting how after focussing on bathroom design for an entire month that a more detailed set of Slow Home design criteria emerges. This episode was filmed before we worked through the month of bathroom design and now it is possible to view the image from a different point of view as you suggest. I still love the concept of creating the ordinance of the window casing, medicine cabinet and tiled ledge, but would also love to see a full counter with some storage…..and of course a relocated toilet roll holder!

  • Matthew North

    Hi Brad – thanks for the feed back on the website – we really appreciate it! We have been working really hard to organize all the content on the site and make it easy to navigate around. We are also really excited about the “Join Our Studio” link……..we have some really cool things planned for that section.

  • Terri

    Just a note regarding the new masthead for Design Minutes. There seems to be some white type overlaying the black print describing the Design Minute section. It’s not exactly legible, but I think it may be a list of contents.
    I agree that the simple first “page” is great!

  • Terri

    Thanks, Eric, the Refresh worked to fix my screen.