Calgary Bungalow Case Study

John and Matthew breakdown the renovation of a project completed by their design firm, housebrand. If you enjoyed today’s episode, you may also enjoy our case studies on Adams Fleming House and 1960s’ Bungalow Renovation.

  • Steve in Van

    Very creative kitchen plan and details, especially given the additional constraints and requirements. It’s always great to see photos of an actual solution to a design problem we’ve worked on. Muy bien!

    As I found with my late submission to yesterday’s post, it’s tough to balance kitchen openness and privacy in this house. I’m not sure this solution does that for me, but it does suggest some interesting directions. Thanks!

  • Frank


    I agree it is always great to see an actual solution. I like the way the counter is extended into the entry/living space. Here is another alternative counter seating solution. A movable piece of counter (with felt or rubber pads on underside of movable section to protect countertop) that can be adjusted (lifted) to accommodate more seating at the counter or pushed back onto counter or swung around 90 degrees adjacent to stairs when space is needed. Could also be designed to slide under counter.

  • Terri

    Nice work, John and Matthew!
    Now the interior design of this home coordinates with the exterior design. I like your cost-effective solutions. It’s always interesting to hear how you solve various renovation issues without breaking the bank. I also like the limestone “mat” in the kitchen with wood border–an attractive compromise for the homeowner. I’m wondering if the wood and limestone edges have anything between them where they butt up against one another.