Location: Walkscore

In today’s Design Minute, John show’s us the importance of looking beyond a Walkscore test when evaluating the value of a home’s location.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad John added some perspective to the walk score test by citing other very important considerations including streetscape, proximity to green space and distance to work.

  • Brad W

    above was my comment…speaking of which, the number of comments has certainly trailed off…could it be that we have gone down the same path too many times…same cat different skin…

    anyway, I like the design minute but wish it were daily…then again I don’t have to produce it :)

  • Matthew North

    Brad W – we are just finishing up some programming work on the new website and will be returning to daily videos starting later this week. There will be three work shop segments and two design minutes a week – the schedule will be posted on the side bar. As you can imagine, it has taken all our efforts to get the revised site up and now we can get back into the swing of things with our content. Have no fear – the comments will be on the rise again soon!

  • Frank

    Matthew and John:

    Appreciate all the effort you have gone to with the new website. Looks great! I echo Brad’s comment on the insight into walk score test. I also look forward to viewing the new material you have prepared and really appreciate the commitment, passion and information you two share with us everyday. Thanks

  • John Brown

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. We are excited about the new face of slow home studio and look forward to getting back to working with everyone on a design project on this Saturday’s live online workshop.

  • Brad W

    Matthew – perhaps comments are shifting to twitter as there seems to be more traffic and a number of interesting references have been posted lately…but sadly twitter is not a forum for discussion…

  • Terri

    John and Matthew,
    I was pleased to see your new schedule today. I’ve missed you guys and all the Slow Home devotees! I think the comments have dropped off simply because it seemed like nobody was “around.” As for tweeting, it’s for the birds…we need space to discuss these design questions!