Calgary Townhouse – Introduction

John Brown, introduces viewers to “Design Minute”, a brand new segment on Slow Home Studio.

  • Brad W

    Bravo John, Matthew and Carina! As you continue to reinvent and evolve Slow Home your commitment remains steady.

    The new look of the site is terrific. Great work everyone!

  • Eric S.

    Hi Brad,

    Glad you like it. Everyone here worked really, really hard on it to get it up within a few short weeks.

    Eric S.

  • Li-Na

    Ahah! I’ve been wondering what you folks have been hiding up your sleeve! :)

    The Design Minutes sound really intriguing and I’m really looking forward to them!

    Thanks for inviting us into your homes! ;)

  • Terri

    Nice visuals for your new look to the site! I hope we’ll get a minute a day. I can’t wait a whole week for another one! ;)
    One small glitch…the comments are just slightly hidden by the video window (right edge of video window and left edge of comments column). Is this just my terminal?

  • Jim G

    Congratulations Eric, John and Matthew:
    Each re-design and expansion of the web site seems to be a leap forward. It looks excellent.