Countertop Detailing Ideas

A viewer question from Pennsylvania leads to a discussion on countertop detailing ideas.

  • Nancy & Sam from Pennsylvania

     Wow!  Thanks, John and Matthew.  What a great way to start a Monday morning.

    Nancy & Sam

  • Nancy & Sam in Pennsylvania

     When you live every day with a problem and stare t it too long, it is really helpful to see it through the eyes of others. The solid surface idea is appealing because  of the that extra little bit of space gained around the  under mount sink to set a pot down. The retro formica is just very cool! And the finishing detail that added  modern twist is also inspiring!

    Do you recommend continuing the formica behind the cook top as it is now?

  • sk

     I hope one day we will also redo our “1964 built” house’s kitchen.  I notice that you too have a single sink and a dishwasher jammed between the long ends of the “U” shaped design.  I dream about a double sink or at least a sink and a half.  We just went on a Green House Tour in Salmon Arm BC and saw a great kitchen with cupboards and drawers with no hardware.  You open them with a little push.  Very sleek looking.  Some food for thought.