Detail Design for Bathrooms

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John and Matthew review the bathroom design details in two of their recently completed projects in this fourth and final part of their bathroom design series.

  • mike

    John/Matthew; how do you deal with the ceiling tile in the tub/shower?
    thnx Mike

  • Matthew North

    Hi Mike – In this house the shower ceiling is tiled. If you notice in the picture facing towards the toilet – we have dropped the ceiling around the shower stall in what we call a “reverse parapet” meaning that we basically have a tile curb on the ceiling. This gives a definite edge to the tile because we don’t like when tile is just “slapped” on the ceiling on the same plane as the drywall. In cases where we don’t have a steam shower we will just use dense shield on the ceiling and paint it. We will leave an air gap above the shower door so there is not excess humidity.

  • mike

    I see it now.
    How much of a drop is it? 2 x 6 or 2 x 4?
    So tile is just on the inside of the “reverse parapet” on the flat ceiling, but how is the “curb” finished? just paint?
    I will be using over atandard tub/shower area.
    I see that you also dropped the ceiling over the sink/toilet area, just for pot lights?
    thnx Mike

  • elizabeth

    Hello, We would like to install a fireplace in our recently bought condo. Which do you reccomend–electric or bio-fuel as we cannot have wood-burning or gas?