Dining Space Design Project – Day 1

In this week’s design project, Matthew and John present a townhouse in need of a dining space.

To try the Dining Space Design Project, use the resources below:
Pittsburgh Plan Existing (JPG)
Pittsburgh Plan Existing (PDF)

  • Terri

    John and Matthew,
    In this design project, are we not supposed to reconfigure the kitchen, or can we move it? If we can move it, how far? Shouldn’t we consider that the sink plumbing or fan ductwork can’t be relocated either?Or should it be considered as new build?  I am wondering how long those front windows are –since this is a townhouse, they can’t be changed .

  • John Brown

    Hi Terri,
    In this project you can either choose a very modest strategy and not move the kitchen or you can do something more radical and move it somewhere else in the plan. This project is wide open.

    This townhouse has a basement so moving the sink and other plumbing shouldn’t be a constraint. The windows in the front are about 36″ above the floor (enough room for a counter top if that is what you are thinking).

    I hope that helps,

  • Terri

    Thanks, John! Opens the way for my initial idea…

  • Nicole

    So here it is…I didn’t quite have time to finish the media room in my rendering.