Euclid Avenue House by Levitt Goodman Architects

Today we look at a Toronto 1500 sqft infill house by Levitt Goodman Architects.

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  • Terri

    Love it!

  • Matthew North

    Terri – I love this project because of its modest 1,500 sq foot size, the use of the green roofs and I could imagine spending a lot of time in the outdoor space between the house and garage. I am also a huge fan of the bedroom being sized to only fit the bed and then allocating a large amount of space to the closet area – this all works for me!

  • Terri

    Matthew, I agree with all of your points.  I also like the central table/desk–very nice for a long, narrow plan. The layout and outdoor features are well-balanced an harmonious.

  • William Gates

    very nice, thank you!