Fixing a 2800 sq.ft. Single Family House – Part 2

In the finale of this week’s “From Fast to Slow” segment, John and Matthew alter the main-floor of a 2800 sq.ft. Single Family Home, turning it from a fast house into a Slow Home.

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  • sk

    Dear John and Matthew:

    I always thought that powder rooms are small bathrooms with only a toilet and sink. Why would you have a little private dedicated room for just a sinK?? Do people need to wash their hands in private? Just wondering.

    If I’m wrong about powder rooms then in this house (before and after) you would have to run upstairs to the toilet. I personally would not want to do that.


  • S.N.

    That is a great observation SK!
    I think they just forgot to draw toilet.
    Powder room is big enough so there would be no problem placing one.

    We should have a “spot the missing element” section in Slow home studio! :)


    P.S. Is this April fools joke?

  • LSteffen

    Just found you guys… these are awesome! I particularly like the remake suggestions. It’s great food for thought and there are enough examples to give even us poor folk without imagination some useful ideas.