Fixing a 900 sq.ft. Apartment / Loft – Part 2

Today John and Matthew show how they corrected the wasted spaces and circulation problems of a 900 sq.ft. apartment / loft and turned it into a Slow Home.

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  • funnygirl

    love this improvement, I could live here

  • Johnnyjohntz

    Does it matter that when you fixed the 900 sqft apartment/loft, you may have lost the efficiency of plumbing stacks in one wall which supported the back to back kitchen/bathroom? Drain lines and water lines are now being run to two different locations, which I would guess will increase the cost of construction. What are your thoughts on this? Otherwise, I love the analysis and new way you help me look at architectural layout and design as a builder myself. Thanks!

  • Dan

    great visual tool for client understanding.  Any idea which tablet and software is being used?