Front Entry Bench

Today John and Matthew answer a viewer question from Wisconsin about the the front entry bench seen on last Saturday’s live online workshop.

  • Marie

    I really like that feature. It’s such a great idea! The only thing that bothers me a bit is the fact that the millwork creates a line going right in the middle of the bench because of the nook. To eliminate that, do you think it would be okay to extend the shelve just a tad to covers a portion of the wall so that the bench aligns with it and create a continuous line?

  • Paul C


    I would kick around the idea of having the drawers on the other side. Benefits would be the addition of one draw below and in line with the open shelves, it would remove the back of leg conflict with the drawer/seat and lastly it may give a “cleaner” look on the entry side. Downside is the storage is around the corner, albeit just around the corner. Food for thought.

  • Li-Na

    Paul C, that’s an interesting thought…did you see Terri’s suggestion in the other thread about having some of the cubby bookshelves open towards the bench?

    I was mulling over whether the area under the bench could accommodate a boot tray (instead of having a drawer there). This would provide a handy spot to dry out slushy winter boots but it looks like it might be a tad tight.

    I really hope Matthew and John don’t mind me thinking out loud and prodding at their design like this!

  • Paul C


    Li-Na, my sense would be they very much welcome the discussion. The idea of a open boot shelf is an interesting one as well. My suggestion was premised on looking for ways to provide a cleaner appearance on the entry side. I wonder if it was simply a bench yet completely open on the other side, there may be even more flexibility on what could occur there (i.e. baskets, boots) The attached sketch is not entirely accurate but you get the idea.

  • Matthew North

    Paul C – I am happy that you are adding your input on the details! Your idea of flipping the drawers makes a lot of sense and looks good in elevation.

  • Mid America Mom

    I like the reverse idea PaulC! Looks like better use of space under the bookcase.

    Mid America Mom