How to Detail a Bookshelf

Designing bookshelves for a study can be an expensive and daunting task that more often than not finds a homeowner sacrificing natural light for the sake of more shelf space. Today we share design tips on how to provide natural light to a study and save money on remodeling costs.

Today’s Slides:

  • Li-Na

    This looks like a really neat project, I love those bookshelves!

    Did you do anything special to attach the wooden shelves to the drywall section?

    Also, is that a piece of glass between the toilet and the rest of the study?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Li-Na – OK……I have a confession……I said the wrong thing in the episode. Those white “drywall” sections are actually lacquered MDF boxes. We had originally wanted to do drywall, but we were concerned they would not be square enough for the shelves so we made them out of MDF. The principle is the same as they break up the book shelf composition and dramatically reduce the overall costs. That way they can be drilled for standard shelf supports just like a book case. And, yes……you have a great detailed eye – there is a frosted clerestory between the guest bath and the study to allow light to enter that space. 

  • Li-Na

    Thanks Matthew, I can definitely see how using MDF would eliminate some potential difficulties!