How to Detail a Display Niche

A good way to display photos, artwork or other personal effects without producing a lot of clutter is to place them into a display niche. These cut outs in either millwork or drywall are specifically sized for display, should be top lit and are designed as architectural focal points.

An end gable on a kitchen millwork wall or island is the perfect opportunity to add a display niche to what would otherwise be a blank surface of paneling. It is also possible to create niches on drywall corners or integrate them into a window frame.

The most important thing to remember is they need to be sized and proportioned to snuggly fit the objects on display. Generally, niches should be smaller in size than the field or surface they sit on. Also, they need to be composed to extend and balance the architectural lines in the space and be part of an overall composition.

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  • BradW

    J+M, I think you’ve finally found your niche.

  • Matthew North

    Hi Brad….I had to read your comment twice because at first I didn’t get the joke and wasn’t sure what you were referring to. I’m so naive!! You’ll be able to poke fun at the title of the next episode too :)

  • BradW

    Looking forward to it. 

    BTW, lighting for your niche designs…I assume a low voltage cabinet puck on a separate switch/dimmer?

  • Matthew North

    Yes – low voltage – always dimmed. I find the LED pucks give off a really “cold” light.