How to Detail Window Mullions and Transoms Part 2

This is our second episode looking at how to properly detail window mullions and transoms. Our example today looks at a smaller room, in this case the master bedroom. In this room, the transom line was set both to match the height of the headboard and not to block the view to the exterior when either sitting or standing in the room.

It is important to consider the height of the ceiling when placing transom lines into the glass. With an eight foot ceiling, like in this space, and the head height of the windows set at a standard six foot eight height, if the transom line was at the top third of the window, it may obstruct the view to the exterior. Therefore, it was set at the bottom of the window and aligned with the height of the headboard to integrate it visually with the rest of the space.

Today’s Slides:

  • BradW

    I completely agree with your design objective here. The resulting custom window sizing will be additional cost. Money well spent no doubt for an architecturally designed new built or extensively remodelled existing structure. 

  • Brenr

    How were you able to meet egress?
    I love the look!