How to Recognize Good and Bad Entry Space Design

John and Matthew break down the details that go into the design of good and bad entry spaces in single-family homes.

  • Brad W

    I was just getting familiar with the old web page. It is like going into a new superstore – same stuff as the old superstore just can’t find anything – except the milk which is always in the farthest corner….

    The site looks fine although I am not sure what has been gained…one thing has been lost and that is the handy redirect to the relevant design minute after clicking on a recent comment – now go to disqus???

  • Eric @ Slow Home Studio

    Hi BradW,

    While the Recent Comments link is something I am looking at, there are a number of advantages in using the Disqus commenting system. Have a look at some of the features available to you.

    If you have any other questions, email me at

  • Brad W

    At first blush, the Disqus features seem more helpful to you rather than me which is completely fine.

    The current content on the site is not as interactive as it has been previously so commenting here has really dropped off.

  • Matthew North

    Hi Brad W – thanks for your comments and feedback – we really appreciate it. I am still getting used to the new comment format – we will continue to monitor this closely and see how effective it is for the site and viewers. I would also love a revival of the more interactive content and exercises. We’ll see what we can come up with! I really miss the LIVE sessions and the Design Projects a lot. Time has been tight for us recently as we have a lot on the go – but we have the interactive group content in our upcoming plans.

  • Brad W

    Hi Matthew – as always it is nice to hear from you. Since commenting has dropped off I cannot help wondering if the community has moved to Facebook or Twitter both of which I hesitate to use. Also, really like the links provided here and your Housebrand site.

    Hi Eric – a big thank you for restoring the comment link!

  • Srdan Nagy

    HI Brad W, Matthew and Eric
    I have to agree with Brad W, lack of interactive content did put many people off.
    sometimes I feel that only two three people are still commenting on regular basis.
    too bad. So i hope that we can fix these hiccups.

    I have to apologize in advance that i will be absent from the site for next few weeks as i am going on my
    honeymoon :) :) :) to Canada & USA :) :)
    hope to see some slowhomers in Vancouver, Chicago, DC, NYC….. :)
    see you….


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