How to Recognize Good and Bad Living Spaces in Apartment / Lofts

According to The Slow Home Test a well designed living space should have access to ample natural daylight and be easy to furnish. In today’s “Good and Bad Design” segment, John and Matthew show some examples of living spaces in apartment / lofts that pass the slow home test and some that fail miserably.

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  • Brad W

    Attempt to play segment results in “This video is private.” message. Any thoughts?

  • JimG

    I got the same message as Brad W.

  • Slow Home Studio

    Sorry about that Brad and Jim.

    We recently switched over to a different video uploading system and are working out the kinks.

    The video should now be playable.

  • Terri

    Matthew, I miss your passion as the “bad cop” of design flaws. ;)

  • Matthew North

    Haha! Thanks Terri – the bad cop will return soon!