1700 sqft 3 bedroom home, Atlanta

1700 sqft 3 bedroom house, Georgia (PDF)

  • http://www.thirdstone.ca Louis Pereira

    John, i agree with your grade of B- on this house. Like many I’m also not a big fan of front attached garages. At least with this plan, the front of the house is proud of the face of garage, which is a plus. Still, the garage competes with the front entry and is in my opinion, oversized.

    One simple fix to improve the overall function of the Main Entry and Living Room would be to flip the front door from its current location to the S corner of the Living Room. This would create a circulation corridor along the S wall of the Living Room to the back of house. This also affords more floor space in the Living Room.

    As for the Family, Dining and Kitchen areas, I studied this further to see how it could function better between these spaces. I would suggest flipping the Kitchen and Dining Room and move the patio doors centered off the Dining Room. This resolves any conflict with foot traffic between all three rooms. I would also consider an entry point from the garage to the kitchen. I’m tempted to reclaim (as i most often do), additional space from the garage but, where would Atlantan suburbanites store all their “stuff”.

    What we can learn from these WWWH plans is that the 2 car garage ‘feature’ will soon be a thing of the past and the desire of homeowners to place more value in additional yet efficient living space rather than an additional car.

  • John Brown

    As always, very thoughtful ideas. I had not considered moving the front door to the south side. It certainly solves “some” of the problems with the front room by directing the circulation along the back wall. It makes me think that there might also be a way to add a small vestibule and closet, or at least a freestanding millwork closet to separate the door from the living space. The one downside, I suppose, is that you would have to walk up the driveway to the front door. Not ideal.

    Very good idea about flipping the kitchen and dining. Kitchens are much happier when they are backed into a corner and dining areas are easier spaces in which to circulate (although next week’s what’s wrong with this house project may prove me wrong).