Beaches Residence by Reigo & Bauer Architects

Amidst the booming real estate market in Toronto, finding a modern ‘house’ counterpart to the modern condos that are being built all over the city is a challenge. Reigo & Bauer’s development projects offer Toronto homebuyers Houses that are: new construction; contemporary design; and competitively priced. This small detached house in the beaches neighbourhood of Toronto is R&B’s first infill development.

The house consists of 6 primary rooms and features a subterranean terraced garden, main level floor to ceiling glass and custom designed interior detailing not typically found in a house at this price point.

Reigo & Bauer is a design and development firm located in downtown Toronto, offering the mass-market modern living in traditional residential neighborhoods. The firm’s primary focus is the design and construction of contemporary houses for sale through the Canadian MLS as well as offering full consulting services to clients considering both new construction and renovation. With more and more people appreciating contemporary design, we are hoping to provide houses that will reflect the lifestyles of those design-educated and aware homebuyers.

For more information on Reigo & Bauer, visit their website.

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